Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Looking for Adventure

New blog, new adventure.
I’ve been thinking about a blog in English for a while, and now I feel that the time is ripe.
Like my other blog, Rexque Futurus, this one is about roleplaying games. Pen&Paper roleplaying games. Old School roleplaying games, mostly.
I’m a veteran player, having started in 1986 with the Italian edition of the excellent Das Schwarze Auge, and discovering then Dungeons&Dragons, Advanced D&D (first edition!), Rolemaster, Runequest and Greg Stafford’s unforgettable Pendragon. And that was just the start!
Long story short: I’ve been playing for a long time, but since I learned about the Old School Renaissance I started exhuming my old games, and liking them more and more.

So here I am, Looking for Adventure, ready to ride toward new quests and new dangers, the sword in the scabbard, the lance in my hand... and my bag full of coloured dice!

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