Wednesday, 11 September 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 11

I’m no enemy of published adventures and campaigns, but I usually mine them for ideas rather than running them as written. There are however four notable exceptions, two of which pertain to other game system than D&D&family: The Great Pendragon Campaign (Pendragon), The Enemy Within (WFRP), Dragonlance and The Temple of Elemental Evil.
I ran all these campaigns during the past 20+ years, but for many reasons I managed to finish only one of them. The Great Pendragon Campaign is still open, and I get to play it almost once a year (not much, but better than nothing); The Enemy Within was never completed; Dragonlance was abandoned after the 10th or 11th module; only The Temple of Elemental Evil was ever concluded (many, many years ago).
When I think about TToEE I still remember the long hours spent with my friends while their characters unraveled  its secrets and battled its inhabitants. It was fun of the best sort, and if I had the chance to run again the whole campaign, I’d jump at it with no hesitation whatsoever!

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