Thursday, 26 September 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 26

“Favorite nonmagic item”.
The torch. I recently played with my friends an adventure of my own, thought to be finished in about four sessions. All the characters started as convicted who had been given the chance to commute their sentence to death with the imprisonment in a subterranean gaol; whoever managed to leave the gaol was a free man. Every character had only some water, some food and single torch, and the group received just one tinderbox. It was soon evident to the players that the main danger was the lack of light rather than the hostile inhabitants of the dungeon.

I really enjoyed their struggles to find a way out (and some of them even managed to exit the prison!), and learned never to underestimate the importance of having a source of light when you are surrounded by total darkness...


  1. Gran brutta cosa il NUIO in effetti :)
    E non dimentichiamoci di visualizzare le clessidre al momento giusto... :)

    (since my comment is scarsely translatable, I choose to leave it in italian...for any further doubt Silma will answer ASAP :)