Thursday, 26 September 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 25

Double post again today.
Here we go.

I like intelligent swords. They are not an easy item to find, but magical, intelligent swords may be very interesting (and amusing) NPC by themselves. Daystra was the intelligent broadsword of a PC ranger in our AD&D campaign. I don’t remember her powers (we decided Daystra was a “she”), but I remember that she had a deep loathing towards ogres, and when the ranger had to battle the big brutes, Daystra always tried to find an excuse for not taking part in the fight, sometimes suggesting that her master would better show his prowess just wielding a dagger!
We had a lot of fun with Daystra and her continual, but good-humored, bickering with her master. The sword was lost after a terrible fight during which almost the entire group was killed or taken prisoner: Daystra was taken from her unconscious master (whose defeat was principally caused by the intelligent weapon, which took over the wounded and weakened  ranger and bravely, but foolishly, forced him to stay and fight instead of retreating), and our adventures came to an end before the precious sword had ever been recovered.

What a shame!

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