Sunday, 15 September 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 14

I have no doubt about my favourite NPC: it’s Kilje Daskov.
Kilje was a dwarf and a friend of the characters’ group. When I created him I was looking for a kind of ambassador, and I thought that the best class for diplomats was the bard; dwarves, however, can’t become bards in AD&D, and so I decided for a multiclass fighter/thief. I remember that Kilje wore a cocked hat and played a lot of instruments, but what I really liked about him was his being a very uncommon dwarf, witty and impudent rather than grim and brooding (as many dwarves happen to be).
During a dangerous adventure that took the characters deep into a drow city, the group was attacked by a beholder. I don’t remember if I rolled for it or simply chose (maybe in order to protect the PCs; I was shamefully soft-hearted at that time), but Kilje got targeted by the monster’s disintegration ray. We all held our breath when I rolled Kilje’s save, and we all exulted when the dwarf’s toughness proved to be stronger than the foul magic!

Kilje became part of the group, and shared almost every major adventure and quest until the end of our AD&D gaming days.

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